Macros: Keyboard shortcut not working?

I wanted to start using the excellent macros in Cubase a lot more than I have been even though I have been on cubase since v1.0

I made up this simple but very helpful tool where I want the selected item(s) to automatically set the locators, zoom to locators, jump cursor to left and start.
This works great when selected from the menu.
Does not when I assign a shortcut. It simply jumps the cursor to the start of the first part in that track and nothing else


Optionally I wanted cycle to be auto set but seems it is toggle only and no way to check the current state with conditionals

It is these little details that makes Cubase so easy. For me to do this in Live, I had to program python and include it as part of a control surface script (which has its strengths)

EDIT: When I rebooted it works fine now???

That’s great but it would be a good idea to reorder and simplify the commands:

Transport - Loop Selection sets the locators to the selection, activates Cycle, and starts playback.

All that’s needed is:

Transport - Loop Selection
Zoom - Zoom to Selection 

Where is there a reference for composite actions like this? It would help if the manual had a small matrix or in the outcomes; a list. Its not explicit…as far as I have read. This would also help when creating remote devices as well

Which actions are you referring to?

eg Loop Selection. Its actually a composite action
When executed, it;

  1. Wraps locators to selected range
  2. Empirically sets cycle to ‘On’
  3. Moves playhead to left locator
  4. Begins playback

Which is great but its not a simple elemental action…(but is great)
I use multiple actions like that in Live using a single command
Play from selected:

  1. Locate selected left
  2. Begin playback

Play from last marker:

  1. Locate previous marker
  2. Begin playback

Play from current hotspot

  1. Create named marker (hotspot) at current position
  2. Begin playback

Yes, I totally get your point, however in this particular case, “Loop Selection” seems like a good description. I mean, seeing this as an end-user, I most probably will say “Ah, this will loop my selection”, without really thinking about the composite actions that take place. But, sure, it’s always nice to have an analytical presentation of things, I agree.

Cheers…yeah its an apt handle…just helps…especially flow charts…I like pictures and matrices when learning.
In earlier version…it only had loop locators…ie ‘P’. I got use to this and never picked up on loop selection,‘Alt+P’ and only just realised when I was add workflow stuff from Live hehe

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btw, Loop selection has been in Cubase at least as far back as Cubase 7.

Have been using since v1 on atari…actually pro24.
It def wasnt in any of eg Cubase atari, Cubase vst 32 etc. I have those installed and the first place I see it is in SX3. I do work with lots of different project involving old stuff…