Macros & Midicontroller

Have made little Macros for easy record myself over two footswitches.
One for record (this function is ok) and one for: set positionpointer to next Marker -> cut the take on positionpointer -> delete left side and move it to the next track. Here what’s going on if I execute per key-command…

So, if I execute this Macro over my Midi-Controller, I get this …

I think there is a timingproblem. Before the positionpointer reached the next Marker for cutposition, the next command (move it) is already running. Hm … why ?

Have rewritten my macros, but it didn’t work …
The problem is caused by using transport commands in a macro in connection with a midi-controller.

One “macro” :mrgreen: is easy:

Transport - STOP
Transport - songpointer to the left locator

It only work with a key command, not with my midi-controller. How can I force this stupid songpointer to the left locator? (have checked the midi commands fro the controller with the midi monitor and all is ok)

Just an observation: your cycle ruler is red, meaning that the right locator is currently EARLIER than the Left. Could this be the problem?