Macs gets extremely hot with cubase

Hi, when i open cubase and leave it open for a while my mac mini gets extremely hot, even when i only have one audio track loaded, with no plugins. This only happens to me with cubase and it happens to me both on my mac mini i7 64gb ram and my macbook pro i5 16gb ram. and it occurs in both cubase 10.5 and cubase 11.

Happens here too, i7 Mac mini 2018. Only with Cubase.

Hello !

Same here on a 2019 i9 MacBook Pro 16.
I loaded the same project in Cubase Pro 11, Logic and Live 11 (beta) : a couple of Arturia instruments and an instance of Padshop. 4 tracks, nothing extreme…
In Cubase, the laptop gets extremely hot and the fans spin like crazy (3700-4000 rpm). In Live and Logic, the laptop stays pretty cool & silent, the fans turn at 1800 rpm.

The fans noise is pretty annoying… I asked Steinberg but no answer.

Not sure about the mac thing, but my PC used to run crazy hot when Activate Steinberg Audio Power Scheme was ticked. Somehow it was heating up my cores, maybe you can untick and see if it works.

no problem in cubase 12