Made it again---wow

Today I am officially older than dirt. Have received a few calls of congratulations. Very nice to be remembered.
Any regrets —none. Except maybe, I can’t get Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition to work. Grateful—yes.
Have many very nice people right here on this Cubase forum. Many have helped me though the years–Thank you!

Happy Birthday!

Maybe some one can give you vocal lessons for a birthday present :laughing:

Happy Birthday :sunglasses: . Just how old is dirt exactly???, I think its relative! :laughing:

Well in your case Robin, you’re just a young whippersnapper, by the time you get to our age the pension fund will be gone. :laughing:

Happy B’day John :sunglasses:

Thanks guy’s !! Dirt must be 72 years old because I’M 73 years old now.
The old saying "it takes me all night to do what I used to do all night, isn’t exactly correct.
I don’t care how many nights, I can’t do anything anyway. Oh well.

Happy birthday!

From one geezer to another, Happy Birthday, Jack :sunglasses: !




Happy Birthday John! :smiley:

Happy birthday :slight_smile:

Birthdays are your chance to tell everyone “You can’t rid of me that easy!”

Happy Birthday!

Thank you all. You humble me with well wishes.

Yeah, it’s like Steve McQueen at the end of “Papillion” as he’s floating out to sea, “I’m still here, you bas-tards, I’m still here!” :laughing:

Happy Birthday!!!

Keep On Singing! :slight_smile:

Jack - have you been to the blues club full of ‘old timers’ yet? You didn’t say… :wink:

Again fella’s, I must thank you all— swamptone, HornForHire, twilightsong, Sherz, Mauri, Strophoid, PaulBryce, foolomon, Steve Fogal, thermionic, NorthWood MediaWorks, JMCecil. If I missed anyone, I’m sorry.
Some of you I have known for a long time. Some of you are new to me and some of the guys are gone.
A good bunch of guys.

Aloha J,(another older than dirt guy here)

and Hau’oli Hanau.