MADE WITH CUBASE: Please give feedback on my mix! Thanks!!

Hi All! Please give feedback on my mix to make it better! Thank you!


I don’t know where you are after, and give a little background on how you made this.

First thing that comes to mind is that all the instruments are somehow on top of eachother.
The piano and guitar are cluttering eachother.

There is a strong mid, all the energie is going into the vocals guitar and guitars on the same way.
When played loud it hurt the ears.

Judging by the song and the mix I presume you want a coldplay vibe?

Then you are on the right track, differentiate the instruments more using eq and panning.
I would also put low rolloff filters on vocals piano and guitar to open up space for the bas and kick.
Spread the piano and guitar far more to the sides, only let the vocals drums and bas occupie the centre.

Then substract mid frequenties out of piano and guitars. Find a sweetspot that the instruments get more isolated.
If that doesn’t work in the end I (also) would put a hi-end eq on the masterbus and gently with a wide q soften the midrange a bit.

The drums sound excellent in this mix, maybe a bit to moderate for my taste, but I only like big smashing drums so that is personal.

One comment, not on the mix, the rap piece…Hmmm…Don’t know if I like that.

Keep it up.

Greetz Dylan.

There are some sounds I can’t really place, I think it are low choirs or something, they are muddy, they could be more edgy, using some soort of exciter.

I thought the balances were okay, but the entire mix is lacking in top end… not sure what to advise here – don’t know if this is hardware related or if there’s a setting you’ve overlooked. It’s a nice song, however; I think in the hands of a producer and pro engineer (of which I’m neither) this could be a great track :sunglasses:

Hiya Brett. Welcome :sunglasses:

I hear what Doug is saying here, the mix is shrouded in some kind of darkness here. The top end tends to be missing. Maybe A/B your mix with some Coldplay tracks and listen to what’s going on there. Song is really good, just needs to open up some.


Perhaps that is what I was going for :imp:

LOL! Kidding! Cool! GREAT feedback guys! I’m at that point where I am now learning about compression/eq/mastering. It all confuses me! I will give a try with all that you have said and re-post when I am done. THank you so much for taking the time to give feedback! I appreciate it!


Hows this? :confused:

This mix is more open. Far better then the first.

I recorded it a bit in Cubase to see what happened.

I used a cambridge EQ to roll of the bottom, there is a lot of energie going on around 30 Hz, that is eating up a lot of headroom and is also a bit cluttering. When I gently rolled it of it got more open. With a pultec I added some 12K. What Phil said, it is shrouded in darkness.

Judging by the Frequenty analyzer this is true. You get a rather steep line going down from bottom to top.
It should be like that but not so steep.

Then I pulled down (as I said in my previous post) the mid frequenties with a very wide Q, in the cambridge EQ.

These were all corrections made on the stereofile, I think you could achieve better results working from the mix before the output bus.

If you want to hear the results send me a original wave and I’ll will send it back to you.

You could also send stems: drum/base instruments vocals. I got a little time today.

Greetz Dylan.

PS [edit]

Went to your Facebook page. Nice tunes! Simple is the truth sounds awesome!


I think the mix is unbalanced. By song’s end I’d found the top fatiguing
and the bottom end a bit weak. Not much darkness here, sorry! :confused:

Great commercial song tho!

Many thanks guys! Greetz, that would be awesome! I’ll shoot you a pm with the link. I also took a look at your soundcloud. Wow! Listening to all these things…great song man!

Hey! Here is the link to the downloadable .wav file. It is without any send compression/eq/mastering:

Also, what do you mean by “stems”? Do you mean each separate track in .wav?

Thanks again!


Mixing stems aka. Mix with groupchannels.

So route your mix to some groupchannels and render those.

It’s not really mixing anymore but you still can balance things like vocals in relation to rythm section etc.

Typical could be guitars_Bas&drums_vocals_ Each grouptrack also contains the FX send material.

Greetz Dylan.

Oh…ok! I uploaded all separate tracks thinking you wanted to give a try at mixing. I pm’d you! I’ll try to figure out the way you have suggested. Or you could just work the original .wav to make it simpler.

:smiley: Well all the tracks would be nice, but where is the link?