Made With Halion Symphonic Orchestra

Got Halion Symphonic Orchestra last month and finally got around to trying it out.

clean sound .reminds me of the ELO intro to Roll Over Beethoven gloves.

Bethoven’s 5th Symphony?

Chuck Berry`s 5th single release, maybe.

I know the song but not quite sure I hear the connection. Thanks for the listen


Oh I see, you’re practicing your stand-up routine! :smiley: Anyway, thought I’d share what Halion Symphonic Orchestra sounds like. I think it sounds convincing and would imagine it sounding much better by someone who scores for a living. Bang for the buck and much more intuitive than Kontact interface and the likes IMO.

Wow that sounds great

Sounds very good.

I had the Halion orchestra when it first came out, what, well over 10 years ago? What it lacked in sound quality it made up for in features, flexibility, and ease-of-use, especially with respect to keyswitching. This is a nice little composition but is a bit limited by the HSO sound quality (IMO). Good work

Awesome feedback. For 99 dollars it’s better than what I had. For this type of arrangement what software would you suggest? I’d like to write more in this style and obviously want it to sound as good as possible.

I think the East-West Symphony Orchestra can be had fairly cheaply now… it’s been around for awhile, however. The Hollywood version has more capabilities, but I think it has to be purchased in sections – I may be wrong about that, however.