Magic Mouse mishaps

Hey all,

Here’s the thread that i was referring to.

I think i’ve seen a couple CBP users address this issue before some time ago. Thought i could just live with this sort-of inconvenience using Mac magic mice. Don’t get me wrong, i really like using my MM, but the accidental swiping while hovering over a parameter in CBP9 is starting to get to me. I know i’m probably not alone in this frustration. Who else finds it incredibly annoying to accidentally change a setting either in the project window or the mix console just because your mouse pointer happens to be sitting over something (you did NOT want to change), and when you grab your mouse to move somewhere, your index finger slips even the tiniest amount causing something like a PAN or FADER position to be unintentionally moved by swiping??

I’ve tried disabling all my mouse finger swiping settings in mouse preferences, but it still remains in Cubase.
Other than buying a different mouse, how have any of you dealt with this?

Much appreciated!

Why are you using the musical term ‘accidentals’ in your post that’s not about accidentals? :confused: :stuck_out_tongue:

Good one!! hahaha

:laughing: I thought about that as i was writing and thought, “Nah, no one will comment on that!”.

“accidentals” is the only reason I read the post, wondering what was this new fangled type of accidental? Perhaps a Disney reference.

Me too!
Thinking a special mouse dedicated to musical notation was released :smiley:
Thank you for making me dream for an instant.

Seriously, does anyone else have this issue with accidentally swiping over a parameter when using a mac magic mouse??? What is it within Cubase Pro that allows you to change a fader or numerically parameter just by hovering over the value with your mouse cursor, and swiping? I thought you had to actually click on a parameter before you could change its value. Am i wrong?

Same here. This behavior is a great misunderstanding of technic nerds how to use (implementing) navigation tools like the mouse. It drives me crazy NOT to change a value in the console when swiping / MagicMouse-Wheel-Scrolling. I think it’s a better way to change a value when holding a modifier key and scrolling/swiping with the mouse.

The actual implementation is a … disaster.