Magic Wand Bug?

Mac OS 10.15.7. Repeatable in SL 5.0.129 and 7.0.30.

When using the magic wand tool, clicking will sometimes do nothing.

It’s like there are mysterious dead areas that can’t be clicked with the wand, and there’s no rhyme or reason to when/where these dead areas occur. When I’m over one of these dead areas, no matter how many times I click nothing will happen. I have to move the cursor a few pixels in one direction or another and try again on a new spot.

If I’ve got an existing selection and I click on one of these dead areas with Replace Selection enabled, the previously selected area remains. So the click is being completely ignored.

Even stranger, the dead areas don’t prevent the to-be-selected spectrum data beneath the wand from being highlighted. So I’ll be hovering over a dead area and see the spectrum data light up (as expected) but when I click, the highlighted data doesn’t actually get selected. Nothing happens.

I’ve also experienced something like this, however I don’t know how to exactly reproduce this bug so developer can fix it. It sort of happens around a certain number of selections (maybe 40 to 50). It’s kind of random in a way and I dont know how to reproduce it so I can report it properly.

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What OS and what SL version are you running?

Glad I’m not the only one. It’s extremely frustrating. I’ll spend all this time carefully lining up a magic wand highlight, only to find out that I can’t actually click/select it.

I get this bug at least once a minute when doing heavy magic wand use, so I don’t think it should be too difficult for the devs to reproduce. Bust out the wand pick a spot, and click. If it works, try a new spot. Spend a moment doing this and you’ll find one. My intuition tells me it happens more often in lower amplitude areas, but I don’t have data to back this up.

I dont believe this bug has to do with the OS. I’m running windows. I believe this is a very sensitive bug that might take the help of a few others to accurately reproduce it. Like I said, I have an idea of what you’re experiencing because I’ve experienced it myself but there’s so many variables that I don’t know how to exactly reproduce the bug so the developer can address and fix it.

Hopefully the developer can extensively test the magic wand tool and discover this bug so it can be fixed. I occasionally save my work (when I can) to get around these bugs.

By clicking around randomly with the wand I was able to get this bug to happen once every few seconds. I PM’d Robin an .slp file and a screen recording.