magic wand tool utility ?

Do you know what the magic wand tool is and if it is still available on cubase 9.5 or nuendo 8.2 ? When I press 0 it should change the cursor to the wand but it does nothing…
Is it useful or can I reassign the keyboard shortcut to another function ?


I don’t remember it ever being available in Cubase? What is it?

I don’t know… all I know is that you have a shortcut (0) to use it… so if they have made a short cut especially for it, it must be useful, I guess ? :laughing:

I guess you mean the Drumstick tool.

That’s it ! I am not english… in french it is called a “baguette” and I first thought to a magic wand (so a kind of universal tool) instead of a drumstick…

Thanks :slight_smile:

The baguette is only available in the Drum-Editor.

Bon appétit !

:smiley: Yes, merci. I have never used the drum editor so this is an opportunity to focus on it !