Magic wand

Is there a magic wand tool in SpectraLayers 8 Pro?

Come on, man. You couldn’t look this up yourself?

All of the SL features and tools are listed in the downloadable owner’s manual. Click on the Support section of the Steinberg website to find the manual.

@rchaisse Magic Wand Selection

I don’t know why so many people ask for information they could find themselves with a 30-second search.

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Hey, Poinzy,
Maybe I can enlighten you…
The problem was that I had just purchased 8 Pro. I couldn’t locate the Magic Wand.
The research I had done said there should be one in the left pane but it was not.
After much more research, I realized that the registration process had not been completed ( by me ).
I went back and completed it, and there it was.

Your criticism speaks a lot about you.
Maybe, in the future, you could just lend people a helping hand instead of assuming the worse.