Magix Samplitude Free Upgrade Offer

I purchased Samplitude Pro X5, which came with a free upgrade from SL6 to SL7. How will that upgrade work? I haven’t received any notification from Magix or Steinberg about my upgrade and when I log into my account on Steinberg only SL6 is listed. There is no listing at all for SL on my Magix account, which I assume is because Magix no longer owns SL.

Try running the eLicenser and let it do the maintenance.

(jut running the elicencer software isn’t gonna work !!!)

have you contacted Magix - you’re gonna need an activation code

Indeed you need to claim your activation code to Magix.

I got the SL6 code from Magix when I got the X5 upgrade. I redeemed it in elicensor and got a notification that the SL6 license was upgraded to 7.

It been a while since I messed with the elecenser.
Per the Magix email I clicked on the download link downloaded the SL6.
Too late now but what to do with the Steinberg Download Assistant?
Install first then go to elisencer?

I downloaded SL6 using the Steinberg Download Assistant.
So now I have two SL6 files with slightly different version numbers and file sizes.