"Magnetic Timeline" Possibility?

Is there any way or option to turn on or turn off a “magnetic timeline” feature similar to the way FINAL CUT PRO functions?

Yes, I use the Shuttle option when I am doing my audio editing. It basically gets the job done but for my purposes, it would be nice to have something a bit flexible to slide audio clips back and forth on the audio timeline when I need to add clips, take them away, or simply to make selected changes.

IF there is already a way to do this kind of editing similar to Final Cut Pro, perhaps someone might be able to enlighten me on the most efficient way to do this so that I can cut and paste clips into the timeline and force the existing content to move over to make room for what I am adding or changing?


If you mean inserting and resizing audio events on a single track, forcing existing events on that track to move along the timeline to accommodate, you can do this by selecting ‘Shuffle’ in the Snap type menu on the toolbar. This works for events which are already in the project, not for audio files which you drag from the right zone (for example).

You could also try using the Range tool and ‘Paste time’ (Ctrl + Shift + V). Paste time can also be used in combination with ‘Global Copy’. Look in the Edit / Range sub menu.

Thx so much. Yes, to your statement/question. The Final Cut Pro workflow is great for some editing though one has to be careful with it or it can really mess up a timeline. With Cubase 11, I would like the same functionality with a toggle. Shuffle doesn’t really work the way FC works, at least, not that I’ve noticed. I will experiment around with the Paste Time option. Though, to make my workflow really smooth, a simple toggle for a FCP type of “magnetic timeline” would be awesome because I do a lot of audio editing for a podcast. Thx.