Magneto is heavenly. I demand it's return as a product.

Magneto is, without a doubt, the BEST plugin Steinberg has EVER released. I’ve lined it up against the new tape simulators from Universal Audio and it still smokes. Why was this ever discontinued?

I agree, although I have’nt had the opportunity to test it against the so called ‘high end’ devices
I really like Magneto.
Steinberg may have had licencing issues with further developement?



“I demand its return as a product”

Where did it go? Still there for me in CB 6.

It has to be downloaded from Steinberg’s legacy archives and isn’t included in new installs. It also hasn’t been updated in a while (but hey… aint broke don’t fit it.)

I’d guess it was already on your system (and mine) before the upgrade.

Then I don’t understand what the complaint is. Its freely available ,still works. If there were a series of updates ,there would be posters whining about “updates for nothing”

It’s not much of a complaint but more of a compliment and question…

“Why abandon it?”
It could be made to have improved features. VST3 support would be nice. Something as simple as an updated GUI couldn’t hurt.