Slightly annoying that Magneto didn’t seem to work when I re-opened last nights mix. Had to insert other versions of it and re-enter the settings then delete the originals.

Oh well, I guess I’m lucky that it works at all (64bit OS/32bit Cubase 5.5.2). :smiley:

Ah! A little on each track and a little more on the mix bus. Very nice! Why is this a legacy plug-in again? :open_mouth:


Is it because there’s no 64-bit version?

I recently upgraded from N2 to N5 (still running in 32-bit), and was surprised that Magneto no longer existed in the dynamics section. I tend to use a little on every track. I was able to simply copy the .dll over, and there it was. I did the same for the old multiband compressor. My question is this- if I upgrade to a 64-bit OS and Nuendo, will the old plugins still work without a hitch? I am currently still using winXP and I am considering getting win7 for the new system I am building. Any succes/horror stories about this process?

Greetings, jrod,

I use Magneto here in W7 x64 and Cubase 6.5 x64, works fine through the VSTBridge (that’s automatic, you don’t need to configure anything). I placed ‘Magneto.dll’ and ‘Magneto.vstxml’ files in C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins folder.

I don’t know about the other ‘legacy’ plugs but I would guess they also work ok.



Thanks for the response, Mauri.

I installed Win7 64bit on the new system in order to accomodate more RAM. But based off of some troubles I’ve read about, I think I will just install the 32bit version of Nuendo5 for now. Is there anything about the 64bit version of the program you find particularly advantageous?

Thanks again!


The only advantage I know of is you can access virtually unlimited amount of RAM.

In my x64 setup I have’nt found any disadvantages as I’m using jBridge for some of my older plugins, such as the Korg Digital and Analog Collection synths and Native Instruments B4 organ.