Is it just me that cant find it or is Magneto dissapeared from the ftp?

It’s there, in the folder “Legacy_Additional_Content”.

maybe i gotten a little blind?
i dont see it

It’s in the following folder:

I was looking at the distortion folder.
thanks for that.

Does it actually work - or does it need a license?
I thought - but may well be wrong - that those old plugins on the FTP are all updates for licensed copies…

Works fine here in C5, Neil.



works for me too, love it.

It’s bundled with C5 though, isn’t it?
It certainly is in Nuendo 4/5, so am guessing it is in Cubase too…

Hi Neil,

I don’t see Magneto in the Cubase 5 folder, it should be there if it was included, that’s where all the other ‘legacy’ plugins are, I mean the installer does’nt even create a separate (outside of Cubase itself) VSTPlugins folder during installation. However, it is on the Cubase 4 installation disc under ‘additional content’ or something.

You can also donwload Magneto from ftp.steinberg > Download > Legacy_Additional_Content > Additional Cubase SX Plugins > PC > Dynamics

Cheers mate,


And the version you can download from the FTP will work without the license then?
It doesn’t here - I just checked. eLicenser tells me there is no valid license for this plugin.
See attached screenshot.
The one that does work is the bundled version - not the standalone off the FTP site.

Hi Neil,

I downloaded Magneto from Steinberg ftp server and compared it to the one bundled with Cubase 4, they are identical according to their properties, and both work in Cubase 5 and 6.



Weird. It must be dependant on another license then, because when I tried this on a machine that did not have Cubase installed - but does have Nuendo 3 & 4 & 5 - it did not work when I tried to load it into WaveLab.
See error above.

So, did anyone find out what’s needed to run Magneto in Cubase 6?

Just copy the Magneto .dll and .vstxml files into your VSTplugins folder and ‘Bob’s your uncle’;).

You can download it here: ftp.steinberg > Download > Legacy_Additional_Content > Additional Cubase SX Plugins > PC > Dynamics
I’m guessing it’s all above board and legal seeing as it’s available on Steiny’s ftp…



With all the new tape emu plug-ins, I am amazed how this one trumps so many other offerings. I swear by it.

Not here.
I tried this - exactly - and Magneto will not open and I get the “no license found” error posted earlier.
This is on a system with N4 & N5 installed, containing the bundled & updated Magneto interface.
The updated one works, the downloaded one will not load.

Man, this is stretching out a bit… :wink:

What’s the version number of the ‘updated’ working one, in Nuendo? I did’nt know
there had been an update.

Version is the one bundled with C4, same one as the one on Steiny’s ftp,
works in C6 and earlier versions of Cubase.

That’s all I know mate,


Plugin information gives mine as, VST2.2 with 296 samples of latency.
Clicking on the plugin interface (silver, not Red like the old one) says version 2.0.1

It doesn’t worry me (It works from the one that gets installed by default with Nuendo) but the downloaded one definitely tells me that there is no valid license found when it gets scanned on first startup after downloading & installing from the FTP.
I’m sure it is the last update to the old one, just like the TL EQ is still on the FTP, but will not work without the original CD (bloody irritating form of copy protection - much worse than anything else)

I only tried Magneto out for the first time last night, I’ve been using Cubase since version 4 and didn’t even realise it was available from the legacy pages! I’ve got Nomad Factory Magnetic & also PSPs MixSaturator2 and it holds up very well against them.

Magnetic has more control, so it’s easier to select the right kind of saturation to beef up an individual element rather than a whole mix and PSP offers a wider range of saturation (even digital clipping), but it’s remarkably quick & easy to dial in a good sound with Magneto. I’m not sure why it was dropped, perhaps it’s incorporated into the Maximiser? (Just a sudden thought, not even at my DAW at the mo…)

Gonna try putting a little Magneto on each Insert One tonight rather than strapping it across the mix bus …