Mahler 2nd Symphony with VSL Synchron-ized libraries

Thanks Marc.


now NotePerformer works surprisingly well here so I’m just going through it to “correct” all the tempi as they used to be done in the good old days before so-called HIP :grin:. Quite fun!

and as a fellow owner with Gil of NP, VSL SE and the BBC orchestras, I’ve decided to complete the trio from Stephen’s score of the Mahler which is a more or less straight out of the box version with my VEPro template the for the BBC Core (with the two missing lower woodwind filled in by VSL). Due to filesize limitations, it’s only the first 4 mins or so.

Interested to hear which folk prefer. I myself would tend to go for the BBC for overtly romantic music like this though VSL can shine elsewhere. Of course Paolo is using a selection from VSL full libraries which can do a bit more than the SE versions. Anyone for NotePerformer as first preference?

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Mahler 9, no way! Thanks loads, Stephen!

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Many Thanks @Stephen_Taylor for your sharing, this is a great job.
I share my version of the 2e Symphony too, if someone want to test and compare other libraries.
Mahler2.dorico (2.0 MB)
It is made from an xml found on the internet with some corrections.

I share most of the opinions expressed in this discussion about sound libraries.
Noteperformer is the best if you want to have the best effortsless result.
It give a very balanced and warm sound with great out of the box expressiveness habilities. It a good library I personnaly use a lot for orchestrations.

However, I think it sounds a little synthetic, espaciality for solo instruments and articulations are sometimes too harsh.

Here is a noteperformer version of the 2e Symphonie to compare with my first post. All playback overrides have been reset.

With VSL, I think it sounds more natural, but it certainly takes more time to achieve good results.

To answer to @Dewdman42 , here are my settings of VSL

  1. All expression maps are default. Just used the cc28 to initiate velXF
  2. I’have rebalanced all instruments using Dorico Mixer (unfortunatly dorico override VSL default settings). Boost for brass, clarinets, decrease for bassoons and oboes
  3. I’ve adjusted the reverb settings to get closer (winds, trumpets) or more distant sounds (low brass, horns, percussions)
  4. Trumpets are modified : large volume boost, and improvement of staccato patches by increasing the attack and reducing the volume
  5. tweak of dynamics in Dorico’s play mode

I hope to use this mix with other scores, I’m gonna test with the 9e Symphonie.


NotePerformer is just remarkable! The biggest problem I have with it is the latency while entering in music. I wish it had a low latency mode which could play, for example, a note or two without all the latency it normally requires for all the advanced stuff its doing during full playback.

My solution is just turn off Preferences/Play/MIDI Thru. Open a standalone VST with a Piano sound with low latency before starting Dorico. You’ll always hear a piano with low latency when inputting, yet you’ll still have the NP playback.

I don’t want to have to listen to NP at all while inputing music. its too distracting to hear the latent notes, not only that but it causes Dorico to hesitate while its waiting to playback every note through NP engine. NP needs to have an option to disable all that latency when its not actually playing back… I was entering some music this morning in MuseScore and holy crap it responds so much faster then Dorico, but I think that is because of NP.

Have you tried it the way I described in the post above if you own a standalone piano VST? I get zero latency on input, and never hear NP while inputting, only a piano sound. When I play the file back I can hear the full NP (or whatever I have loaded) playback sounds, but don’t hear anything from it on input. You do need to make sure that both Dorico and your standalone VST can receive the MIDI signal simultaneously.

Yes I tried it. thanks for the suggestion. I still wish NP would get rid of latency during note entry.

When I turn off the audition in order to do per your suggestion…that works for the basic note entry, but then are times when I am, for example, using QWERTY to enter notes…and can’t hear anything. For example.

Yeah, that setup really only works for MIDI. I never use QWERTY for note input so that’s not really an issue I run into.

never mind, Steinberg and NP already corrected the note delay in NP during entry… I don’t know why I was having so much delay the other day. its much better now.

Sorry I should have posted this earlier! Here’s the first movement of Schubert 8, based on Brahms’ Breitkopf & Härtel edition. (1.3 MB)

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seems the same as Marc’s to me.

I edited my post. “Mine” was maybe Stephen’s, and I just forgot about it. There’s no copyright mention anywhere, but I don’t recall having really worked on this, honestly

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fine – no suggestion at all of any impropriety :smiley:!

I should have looked at Marc’s file before posting mine, sorry!