main cubase workflow screen on secondary monitor


i’m not sure about this one, but still i want to put it on the forum as a question.

I’m using a custom template with a two monitor setup, and since the second monitor is the bigger one, i appended the main workflow screen from cubase to this second screen and saved this setup as my template. The cubase main bar remains on monitor one, since i can not change that.

I experience some odd behaviour now, e.g. with things like changing quantize and thus note length modification ability, while working on this second monitor.
it seems it does not translate the changes given by the instructions on the main floating bar still present on top off monitor 1, e.g. like change quantize from 1/8 to 1/16. I can’t change the note length to 1/16 on monitor 2 ??? Very odd and never seen this before.

someone experienced this type of behaviour on a dual monitor setup ?

kind regards,