Main menu visibility

They’re using a translucent background on the main menu, which is only moderately readable at best but at least if I squint I can read the menus.

However, it’s not uncommon for me to Remote Desktop into my DAW box from a computer the live room. RD doesn’t support Aero and the end result is a light grey background and no visible text whatsoever.

I can’t find any options in Cubase to control the background / font on the main menu bar but I’m hoping I’m just missing it.

Anyone else access Cubase via Remote Desktop in Windows and / or have any suggestions on how to make the text visible on the main menu?

Many thanks,

I poked around in the Windows settings and realized I could turn off transparency. I did (which makes everything in Windows look exceedingly ugly) but while it made the Cubase main menu readable, it had no effect on the Remote Desktop visuals.

From Remote Desktop, what I see is the Cubase logo in the upper left hand corner and then the word Cubase. The menus still work if I mouse over them, they’re just invisible.