Main mix to multiple Master busses?


I am trying to take my main Cubase mix and send it to 2-3 master mix busses. I can’t quite figure out how to do this easily. I know I can do Group tracks and use Sends to do this, but I don’t want to do it this way. I just want the main audio mixes to get sent to maybe 2-3 busses.

I can setup more masters busses in the VST connections but the audio doesn’t feed into them as the inputs are different from the tracks.

I know there has to be an easy way to achieve this. I am open to other methods but I don’t want to have to sends unless I have no other choice.

Cubase 6.5 or 10.

Thanks for any help

Hi and welcome,

Use Group Channel instead of your “main Cubase Mix”. Route all outputs, which are currently routed to the “main Cubase Mix”, to this Main Group (it’s easy to change the routing of all (selected) channels at once by using Alt + Shift modifier). Then from the Group use Direct Routing (with activated Summing Mode) to route it to two different Output Channels. Every single Output Channel is then routed to the own Bus in the Audio Connections.

Thanks, that sounds like the best way to do is in C6. In C10 I can use other methods.

Hi, would you mind explaining how to do this in C10 ? I’m trying the same thing (parallel mix bus) and can’t figure it out. Thanks !

Can you not use cuesends from the master channel?


Follow my instructions above, please.

I also attached MixConsole screenshot to be more clear. Does it help?

I can not get this to work either.

How and where do you define Stereo Out 2?

If I do it in Audio Connections/Outputs physical speaker outs have to be selected, but I want it to be like a second Stereo Out bus that uses the same output settings as the basic Stereo Out channel so that I can toggle between the unprocessed channel and my mastered channel, using the same speakers.

And what exactly doesnˋt work for you? Select the same outputs for the 2nd output as for the main output.


Audio Connections > Outputs.

You can use one Device Port for multiple Output Buses.

I’ve worked out how to do it (for me at least in Nuendo)

  1. Create 3 new stereo Group tracks - I’ve called them ‘Mix Bus’, ‘Clean Mix’ and ‘Mastered Mix’.

  2. Route all audio channels to the new ‘Mix Bus’ group.

3.Then open the MixConsole. In the ‘Direct’ rack section of the ‘Mix Bus’ channel, right-click on the ‘Direct’ rack header and activate ‘Summing Mode’.

  1. Then in the ‘Direct’ rack section route the Mix Bus group to the ‘Clean Mix’ group using the SECOND slot and also to the ‘Mastered Mix’ group using the THIRD slot. Do NOT use the first slot as this will prevent the Clean Mix and Mastered Mix from being toggled on/off with the Mute keys.

Now the entire mix will be sent to both Clean Mix and Mastered Mix and mastering inserts can be applied to the Mastered Mix only. Both will be routed to the Stereo Out so ensure that only one of them is un-muted.

Hope this makes sense.

EDIT 21-06-20: I’ve abandoned this for a more sophisticated separate mastering project.

Doesnˋ t Nuendo have sends on the master channel anyway…?


Yes, there are Sends on the Output busses too in Nuendo.

hi Martin, im trying to connect a subwoofer and control this with eq, using Control Room and multiple hardware outs…I tried what you suggested above, but the control room only can switch A/B between monitor sets.

Do you have a solution for this?

Here is the original post: How to connect subwoofer with Control Room - #2 by MattiasNYC

Big thanks w