Main Output level seems to decrease over time ?

I’m working on a project between two locations (occasionally taking stems from one machine to another in different physical locations with different soundcards) and not sure if this has introduced an issue, but;

After a while of mixing I notice the overall output seems low and I’m pushing up the control room level to hear it better.

However, if I go into the devices window and re-click the preset for the output configuration then suddenly it comes out massively loud.

Am I going mental or is this volume lowering itself over time ? I can’t spot a particular pattern and it’s weirding me out :slight_smile:

Any input would be gratefully received.

Make sure the outputs are not connected twice (Output and Control room), they should only be connected in the Studio Tab, not in the Output Tab, in VST connections.

Cheers for this. Much appreciate response.

However, this is not the cause;
ie All items are setup correctly in connections.
(n.b. the main outputs do appear in studio and output tabs, but these should appear in both, just only connected in studio tabs and the output tab listing for these shown as ‘not connected’. )

Nothing changes when the preset is renewed, except the overall output volume goes up. Weird!?