Main volume after automation


after I did some volume automation on the midi track, I would like to change main volume of this track by the fader in mix.
But it is not possible cause the fader copies the volume automation line (of course).

Is there a way how to change the main volume of this track including automation by a main mix fader?

I can select all points of volume automation and move them up or down at once, but this solution is complicated. So is there a way how to do it with fader?

Thank you

On my Cubase the MIDI automation and the volume automation of the instrument output channel are independent of each other…
maybe it depends on the instrument… but I’m not sure about this…

Sorry for my misstake. I was talking not about MIDI track, but about the Instrument track and volume automation of the Instrument track.

I often route the automated track to a group track or VCA fader to achieve this. I can then use their fader(s) to re-balance things without disturbing the original automation data. Also, I can further automate the Group or VCA fader.

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I don’t get your idea behind that… Instrument tracks are like they are because the simplicity behind the concept… if you need more flexibility you should use rack instruments and MIDI tracks…

If you want to adjust the volume of the instrument track you can do it by editing the automation… There are some possibilities available… have a look at the manuals Automation section…

and you can configure your own key commands to select all events on a selected track…

I’d automate a gain plugin rather than the volume fader and save the fader for overall adjustments.

I use the Steinberg mixconvert v6 for this as you can automate it’s gain.

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Oh yes… gain… the instrument channel has a gain parameter as well…

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Yes - there’s plenty of ways to achieve this depending on your specific required outcome. Automating the gain control at the top of the channel will potentially alter any send levels, or input levels to any processing on the inserts.

fader changes will alter post fader sends (fx sends) as well…

but it’s good to keep this in mind :slight_smile:

Thank you !

I wouldn’t automate the channel gain because it’s pre-insert and I seem to remember there’s bugs associated with it

The benefit of automating a gain plugin is you can position it where you want in the insert chain. For example I’ll often put it post room reverb - pre hall reverb when automating vat acoustic instruments.

Like I said before v6 mix convert is a good choice.

You can use trim automation


OMG trim is fantastic feature!! thank you!!!

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