Maintenance problem,please help!

Application LCC2.exclusive has made an error occured in maintanance,section e-Licenser database and memory cleanup.These failed.Does anybody knows what this means,and how to fix the problem?

Try uninstalling the dongle driver or the USB driver and restart and let Windows create another fresh one. See if that helps.
Support job if you can’t fix in a day.

Thanks Conman,but I have no idea how to uninstall the driver of the dongle.Any suggestions? :neutral_face: sigh…

Is there any way to fix SynsPos error?That doesnt allow me to adjust filesystems permissions.

I too have been getting “clean up” errors, since the last eLicenser update (btw, I am on Mac here).
Do you actually have any licenses that need to be cleaned up, e.g. expired demo licenses, especially if they are on a soft (i.e. on disk) eLicenser?
In practice, an expired license won’t do any harm (so long as it isn’t using up needed space on your key :wink: )

If you type ˝LCC2˝in knowledgebase you will find my problem,an article with exact error that occured to me,with explanation and solution,but it doesnt work.Whan I adjust my permissions access is denied due to ˝SynsoPos0003¨,obviously one corrupted SLD file that affected my whole license database and memory cleanup as well as sending information .I tried everything but to reinstall C6.Any other opinions to fix this?