Maintenance update 8.5.20?

There have been a few issues that have been presaged as being addressed in 8.5.2. Any time soon?

Or now destined for WL9?

Next month for 8.5.20. Some Yosemite tests need to be done before.

Still on for a November release?

Yes, soon coming.

I just hope that external plugin will work same good (without glitches) as in 8.5

Have you checked it PG?


Steingberg’s own page says November 20th for the update. Great news!

Yes, please have a look here for details:

Hello, I hope we are getting it today as promised:)

Me too :wink:

But seriously, we are preparing the upload for later today.

Standing by…

There appears to be a problem with the Mac download link. Link says download size is 318MB. The actual size is only 58.9MB. When you try to install it there is an error message : Warning , The following disk images couldn’t be opened - WaveLab_8.5_Installer_ not recognized

Has the correct size here… could you try to redownload? Anyone else having the same issue?

I have just tried to download the file a few times on 2 different machines and every file is only 58.9 MB. This is the page I’m downloading from

Not working for me either. The system doesn’t recognize the small file…

That’s the link I am testing:
As mentioned, it works here on several systems. Could you try with deleting the browser cache etc.?

I was able to successfully download and install the Mac installer.

Maybe their server is overloaded and the downloads are timing out for some users. This is what I just downloaded:
Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 10.25.00 AM.png

I downloaded on Safari and Chrome on my Mac and it shows up as a 58 meg file.

I tried a total reset of Safari and file size is still 58.9MB. I have also tried Firefox and Chrome and get the same file size of 58.9MB for both

Sorry: 58.9 and not recognized :frowning:

With safari and chrome