Maintenance Update VST Live 1.0.41 – now available

Hi all,

the maintenance update VST Live 1.0.41 is now available via Steinberg Download Assistant.
The update involves:


  • Create backup project file before saving

Issues resolved:

Area Issue
Tracks A green rectangle is visible in Video Monitor Windows
Layers MIDI Out device will not be restored

Videos are displaying bad, worst than before.
And there is another thing: I´d like to set an image at the end of the song and configure songs to stop so that in Monitor the image holds on until next song is started but this doesn´t happen as when the song ends the picture is displayed but then monitor turns to black screen.

Start the program by double-clicking on a document.
I always test new program versions with an additional test file that is created as a copy of a previously working file. I noticed (unfortunately only now) that when I double-click this test file, VST Live starts, but does not open the selected file directly, but first displays the HUB. For example, if I double-click a .cpr file, Cubase launches and opens the file immediately without launching the hub first. It would be nice if VST Live worked like this too.

Nothing has changed except transparency when you layer video tracks. If you don’t, there is no difference to before. If not, pls. elaborate.

That is true because the song end is behind the last event end.
In the next version, there will be a choice of when the song end action applies:

  • Last Event End (as now)
  • Song End Marker (not available yet)
  • Right Locator
  • Last Event End + 1 second
  • Last Event End - 1 second (which would solve your problem)
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nice, it will be a great improvement!
Regarding videos I´ve been playing around…I guess there are some incompatibilities when adding an image to a track which also has a video, sometimes changing video output makes the display see weird, sometimes not…maybe it has to do with transparencies…
I´ve found that for an image transparencies work from -20 to 6 db vol, for videos it´s not clear.
Is there a manual on how to configure these things? I mean it´s like blind testing, try and error…

Should work, but recommended to take separate tracks because of different image/video sizes.

Just set intensity via the “Volume” item. Should work the same for video and images. Better labeling and manual update coming.

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Thx for fixing - now VST Live remembers the right port but resets the PRG CH information…

Hi there!

When will the next update be available?
Right now, i’d be scared to use it live.

  • Changing the ordering of a setlist does not work and leads to program crashes
  • Metronome routings are not saved and have (you know that already afaik)
    and many more minor stuff

hi Vitriol,

How exactly do you change the order, dragging Parts, or do you use the setlist editor?

Right, fixed with the next version. Unfortunately we cannot yet say when it will be released, should be this month though (no guarantee).