Major bug? Problem adjusting clip start - entire clip is moving...

I haven’t noticed this being a problem before, but suddenly when I adjust a clip start, the entire clip is moving just slightly… but it’s a major problem because I’m trying to align multiple clips. Here’s a video:

I’ve tried closing and reopening Wavelab but it didn’t fix the problem. I’ll try rebooting the computer. More soon.

I have noticed that it occurs at different zoom levels. If I zoom out a little, suddenly the problem is there… zoom in a little, problem gone… It is definitely affected by the zoom level.


This is a painting side effect. No audio is moving, in fact. This is just a one-pixel “jitter.”
This is because the waveform is not painted from the same offset, and the waveform is summarized.
If you zoom at 1:1 (1 pixel per sample, on a screen with 100% scaling), this does not happen.
Note that this has been so in any WaveLab past version.

I admit this can be a bit disconcerting, but you should not worry about it.
When this part of the program was done, I did not find a solution to prevent this while preserving maximum performance.