Major Cubase 8 export problem

Switched form cubase 5 to cubase 8 on windows 7, 16 GB RAM and a fast Multi-Core (bought it in Feb 2015. Crashes during exports (48KHz and 16bit). Real-time Export and others…
Sometimes I get lucky and it works…

First I thought it had to do with Vienna ensemble Pro 5 but then without it it kept crashing also with different projects.

I had my audio-PC checked online by my manufacturer, it’s fine and worked great with cubase 5!!
Now, after the switht to 8 it merely sucks… I might have to work with 5 again since I was also told that projects done with earlier versions don’t transfer well?

There are also very quick vst-overloads although the system uses just 2%. Even if the transport is not running, there are quick overload-peaks.

I have in use these vst-plugins but also tried to export when they were thrown-out:
EW Hollywood Strings
Kontakt 5
3 Audio tracks
and UAD 2-2 core card + steinberg built-in effects

I also tried and

Any help is welcome


Hi Walter

C8 exports just fine here. I’ve used every version of Cubase on the way up and have never seen too much of an issue in the export area. The VST Engine was changed apparently around version 7 for multiprocessing and also ASIO Gaurd was brought introduced. You could try checking and unchecking those in the Devices -> Device Setup -> Audio VST System menu and test performance on export then?

What OS are you running on?

I actually found out that UAD is responsable for those craches. After the UAD-software update it performed well 5-6 times. But then…UAD started to crash every time I loaded that project…
Keep you posted.


This has been an awful long days of trial and error and it pretty much seemed like I was wasting time…
With the help of Scotty_123, UAD-support and steinberg support I learnt a lot of being a detective…

Here’s what helped:

  1. Trashing Cubases’ Preferences. Some old stuff from the previous version 5 may get in conflict when isntalling 8:

  2. Trashing UAD’s prefs when deinstalling and reinstalling their software:

  3. The Cubase project I was working and and crashed almost all the time during mixdown is most likely corrupted due to the messup above.
    I rebuilt a very similar project from scratch with the very same effects and vst-instruments, just using the audios from the old project-pool and the midi data that I could export/import between the old and new version of this project…

FINALLY, I can mixdown without crashes…

new project - same problems again … I’m switching back to another version, this is no fun anymore :frowning:
I just can’t find another solution.