MAJOR Danger - Import Tracks from Project

Yesterday I got caught out with this which caused me embarrassment with lost drum tracks and a 1/2 days work in what I lost and what I have to redo. I also have to repay a session drummer to redo it. This is either a programming Bug or a major design flaw.

Create Song 1. Record on some audio tracks. Close project

Create Song 2. Use the Import Tracks from Project feature to bring in the tracks from song one checking ‘copy to Archive’ so you can easily use the channel setups and settings you had on song 1. Now look at the file references in the audio pool. The audio files are still pointing to song one.

Why would this EVER be a good idea?!

When are we ever going to get import from track archive or import tracks from project that do not bring in Audio files. 99% of the time thats the requirement


  1. Cubase will ask you, when the original project, and the new project doesn’t have the same Sample-rate (so the audio file has to be converted). So the mechanism is here.

  2. This function has over taken from Nuendo, where 99% don’t copy to the project folder (because these users are using a large libraries, where are their sounds stored). So, this is probably the reason, why is it implemented this way.

Hi Martin

  1. Both projects were the same sample rate so I was not presented with that option. I did opt to have the files ‘copied to project’. Still though when you do that and look at the references in the pool they point back to where they originally came from.

  2. I can only think of rare use cases where users need to take the audio from the track on another project. What users have been longing for is the ProTools equivalent to Import Session Data, which gives options to bring in setups from other projects without having to open and save the settings out first. The Import Track from Project feature is a major reason I went straight for this update as it potentially REALLY saves time during mixing or drum tracking etc. But since I had this disaster with it I’m very worried about its use. More investigation needs to be done with it