Major issue with Sonnox plugins and Cubase

Hey guys

I know this could be a non Steinberg issue however its such a deal breaker for me that i figured cant hurt to see if anyone else has this problem.

Basically when loading Sonnox inflator on a channel, Cubase will from time to time completely FREEZE ie as in “Cubase is not responding”. After a min or 2 it will suddenly work again. This only starts after loading up a sonnox plugin. Unloading it does not help. It seems that the arrangement is in a way ‘ruined’ now.

I’ve had this issue in Cubase 6 and now 7. Clean, fast Windows 7 machine here.

Any thoughts?

32 bit vs.64 bit issues? Remember that Sonnox requires an iLok2 for the 64 bit version.

Just update your inflator to x64 version !

Haha, what is an inflator? If you mean the actual usb dongle affair, you have to buy the new iLok2, $40.

If you’re using the 32 bit Oxfords in Cubase x64 the issue could be with Cubase’s bridge, which is notoriously troublesome. Not that I’ve heard of that particular problem before. What I do know though is that the 32 bit Oxfords work fine in Cubase x64 with jbridge. And jbridge is cheaper than Ilock.

+1 I confirm

Hey guys, I am using the 64bit version of the plugin. The installer made that clear. Its not a VST bridge problem. Cubase will just freeze but still play the track but when opening up the process meter in windows you can see that its listed as “not responding”. Then after a min or so it will work again.

Sonnox support is a big joke. Do you think anyone would ever care to reply to support emails? I have emailed them twice, with a nice, well structured email without yelling.

So my next question, anyone else recommend anything like the inflator? I know its basically just a limiter with some coloring control. Maybe UAD Precision enhancer?


BTW Yes i do have a Ilok2. huh? The plug would not boot to begin with. Just saying…

I have the Dynamics sonnox in 32 bits (I have an ilok2 but not yet migrated from ilok1 to ilok2) and jbridge and the 32bits version works fine with cubase 7.0.2 64.

inflator native x64 work fine here (ilok2) !

In my opinion the Oxfords are good but grossly over priced. Cool ten years ago but now they should be included in the price of an ilock 2.

First thing I would do is uninstall, clean out the register and then reinstall. Always worth a try and sometimes works.