Major Issues with Cubase 8.0.35 and SSL Matrix (MCU)

Having updated to 8.0.35 I am having a number of serious issues with my SSL Matrix, which runs on MCU protocol.
Any track which the Matrix is controlling cannot be rec armed.
If you move the Matrix control onto other tracks - Rec Arm works fine
buttons on Matrix which used to open EQ, Inserts, Fx, Pg Up and Pg Dn now cause Cubase to freeze and crash
These buttons were working fine in 8.0.30
And I am also getting the ’ no sound until fader moved’ issue on some tracks.

Seems 8.0.35 has messed up the MCU implementation?
I seem to remember there were serious issues with the initial release of Cubase 8.0 and MCU?
Its a shame to see an apparent repeat of that episode with an update…

Is there any way of uninstalling the update - the bugs are a real pain