Major limitation of lots of rack instruments?

I have been trying to use Rack instruments instead of track instruments. I am in the middle of a very large project and I’m realizing what seems like a severe limitation: There seems to be no way to disable the audio inserts that are on the audio outputs of those instruments. I am rendering in place and (als frustratingly) having to copy over the automation of those inserts on to the new renders, but now I’m also seeing that I can’t free up CPU by disabling the old audio channel.


You can Bypass the plug-in the same way as Insert effects of the Audio track.

You can also freeze instead of Render in Place.

Bypass is not the same as disabling. I often turn on and off plugins in automation so bypassing will not always work. Plus this will not work with a template in which I have some insets bypassed intentionally and some active. I would then have to keep track of which plug ins had been bypassed originally. Disable solves this issue.

Freezing is not the same as render in place. It is similar but has different uses. With render in place you can edit the audio and use arranger track, etc.

These workarounds could work for some instances, but they aren’t the same.

I know, freeze is something else than Render in Place. You said about free the CPU. Freeze is for this use case to free CPU.

The point of disabling in this case is to be able to Render In Place dry so that automation and effects are copied over. Then I disable the original track and that also disables the inserts-saving CPU.

Freezing doesn’t achieve what I’m trying to do because it limits my ability to continue working without the constant freeze/unfreeze thing.

The bottom line is that I just learned that there is a real limitation in Rack instruments in relation to the way I work. YMMV.