major problem installing plug ins

I have recently gone Win7 64 bit, using Cubase 6.02 in 32bit and Wavelab 7

On my first installation my 3rd party plug ins all worked fine - e.g. BBE Sonic Maximizer, some Oxford and Voxengo Plug Ins,
but Win 7 always showed a blue screen whenever the PC went into hibernation mode

So I reinstalled Win and Cubase and Wavelab

Now when I install the plug ins they do not show up in Cubase anymore, but some of them do show up in Wavelab, others again don´t
I reinstalled several times over, and the behaviour of the plug ins is totally random. On some installations BBE was there, Oxford was not, now at the moment it is the other way round. On some installations I could access the presets, now I can´t. I tried installing the plug ins into different folders. I tried changing the VST Plug In 2.0 folder in Cubase and back again, I tried to install Wavelab first and then the pug Ins and then Cubase.
I don´t have the least idea what the problem is, nor what to do about it, as it is not even reproduceable.
Anyone any ideas or suggestions?


I’m not a super expert or something, but have you tried updating “plugin information”?
( Devices - Plugin information )

Why are you running cubase 32 bit on a 64 bit operating system?

Also remember windows makes 2 differens folders for 64bit and 32bit and you may need to use a bridge tool.

Well obviously, I have to run Cubase in 32 bit because I could not use the 32bit Plug Ins otherwise. And I am running Win in 64bit because of RAM usage. In fact, Steinberg support as well as Waves customer service (where I enquired about using their Plug Ins, they are all in 32bit, before buying) both recommended using this system setup,
and I can see in these forums that there a lot of ppl using this same setup.

So there. And yes of course I tried updating Plug In information. It is obvious.

That´s where I stand, the behaviour of the Plug Ins is TOTALLY RANDOM. Why would I need to use a bridge tool for one Plug In while I do not need a bridge tool for a secong Plug In that ios installed in the very same folder?
And why use a bridge tool at all? A bridge tool - that´s what I thought - is for using 32bit plug ins with Cubase in 64bit version.

I would really really appreciate any explanation for the weird behaviour of my Plug Ins

So there. And yes of course I tried updating Plug In information. It is obvious.

So I take it you also did all the other obvious stuff?

Trash prefs
Delete the plugins blacklist files & restart Cubase
Triple check the paths to the plug-in folders in plug-in information are correct…it’s easy to end up with multiple folders & accidentally select the wrong one.

You can install cubase 64 bit and run plugins 32 bit. You have to use JBridge

But like i said i’m not an expert. Only try to help where i can :wink:
I have no problems what so ever with cubase 64 bit and 32 bit plugins.

Mh, waves support did not recommend using jbridge. I tried this program once for using with Cubase in 64bit and it caused inumerable ASIO peaks and crashes, rendered all plug ins virtually useless.
I am happy for you it works without a hitch but didn´t here.

I did all that and also I reinstalled Win 7 several times over, formatting hard disk inbetween