Major problems installing Groove Agent 5 using Cubase 9

Hi everyone, i’m new here

I have been using Groove Agent 4 on my iMac (OSX 10.9.5) for quite a while, with absolutely no problems at all - so I thought I would treat myself by upgrading to Groove Agent 5

Big mistake - it simply won’t install on my computer - i’m praying one of you lovely lot will be able to help me out, as it has also wiped Groove Agent 4!

The Steinberg Download Assistant works fine, I am able to download and open:
1.) Installation Guide Groove Agent 5
2.) Groove Agent 5 - 5.0.10 (however, although it says this is installed it immediately crashes by saying ‘Steinberg Library Manager quit unexpectedly’
3.) I did manage to load the Content Groove Agent 5 (which took about 4 hours), however the same error message showed up ‘Steinberg Library Manager quit unexpectedly’ - meaning that I am not able to get any further with the installation

I am currently in the process of reinstalling the Content Groove Agent 5 (after uninstalling the previous files) to see if this works

Please can someone help me out? This is really doing my head in - and i really need Groove Agent 5 (or at worst Groove Agent 4) for a remix I am working on at the moment

Fingers crossed!!!


Hey Matt,

Were you able to install GA5? I’m having the same issue with all VST’s that come with Cubase 10. I just upgraded from 9, specifically for GA5 and I’m having the same issue as you. Windows 7.

I appreciate any response.

Thanks in advance for reading,