Major problems with 8.5

  1. Every time i scan for plugins i get this error message

  2. NI Komplete Kontrol wont show up anymore in cubase - ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling all the drivers and the software and it still wont show up - ive tried scanning the plugins again but i get that error message

  3. It ‘works’ as a standard midi controller, but when i play a note it sustains and wont stop playing - its continuous until i delete the instrument from from the arrange window (trillian, Omnisphere, bass station, etc)

  4. in standalone mode every sound i play from different instruments has a default piano sound playing over the top of it

before i uninstalled the kontrol software, it wasnt working in Cubase - this is the message i got
not found.jpg
Please advise how i can fix this!


Make sure, all of your plug-ins are up-to-date, please.