Major Project corruption issues

I’ve been running into project corruption issues the last couple weeks since I’ve started to actively use N8 – from what I have gathered I seem to run into these issues when coping from project to project – Considering I’m in the middle of some episodic work that requires me to move from show to show and copy things freely from one to the other - this is a major f’n issue - and one I don’t even have time to be writing about - I’ve wasted way too much time trying to figure out whats causing this problem - but I’m dead in N8 – I will try and work in N7 for now but the damage this has cause and time invested is enormous to me personally – I’ve been using Nuendo daily for over 10 years as my main workstation so please BEWARE of this – I don’t see much about it in the forums but I’ve seen it on the 2 of 4 workstations I have working on this --There is the N7 N8 issue having started this project in N7 – But I’ve rebuilt templates and started fresh from Empty project and continue to encounter this issue -
N8 screen 1.JPG
Image one is the first one I get telling me it’s corrupt and Image 2 shows when the project file is rendered useless and can’t be opened -

I am spitting mad about this – and completely f’d with my schedule – lord what have you done

I’ve encountered similar issues and I can say with pretty much certainty that it is related to Offline process history and the interchangeability issues between earlier versions and 8. If you can try to load your session in N7 and freeze all of your edits. Save it as a new project and than load and work exclusively in 8. I was able to save a few reported corrupted projects while they were still open and not allowing me to save while tracing it to offline process edits. Hope that helps

Oh Felix. This may help. How I was able to identify the problem track was this. I tried to export groups of tracks through the export track archives. Eventually I found the group that wouldn’t allow me to export, Than it was a one by one process but I landed on one or two of the tracks that had the problem. I than made all of the offline processes permanent. But to do this I had to select all of the clips on the problem track and through the direct offline process history window made them all permanent. I was than able to save the project without leaving it when that icon appeared.

it worries me that you said you have encountered this when starting from an N8 project with an N8 template?? So far when working and starting exclusively in N8 I haven’t encountered it, but will now be on the look out and report if I do. Would it happen to be the same plugin or offline process you were using?? that does concern me now.

Thank you for the responses - Its good to know I’m not alone with this – to clarify a few things – The last attempts I did to make things work - I started with an empty N8 project and built from there – I imported tracks from an older project that had originated from a generic N7 template I had built -

I did suspect that Offline processing might be the culprit too - given how this functionality has advanced so much with N8 – Which has me wondering about backward compatability of N8 to N7 –

This project I’m working on id too big to try and zero in on the issue so I have reverted back to N7 to complete the remaining 2 episodes – Once I get a little more time I’ll see if I can get this issue to replicate in a pure N8 build –

Thanks for the info regarding freezing or rendering out OffLine processing as a way to get around this issue – that’s good to know if I find myself in a situation that requires this.

Hopefully this is one of those issues related and limited to the migration from N7 to N8 –

Also should be a note to all user who may not know - to make sure and rebuild your generic starting templates when moving to a major upgrade.

I plan to revisit this post in the future and update my attempts to recreate this issue in N8

thank you