Major Score Bug Still Not Fixed in 6.0.3

Still waiting to make the step input score editor functional again on OSX. This bug has been around since 5.0 and has been acknowledged by Yamaha. Maybe never made it to Steinberg. I think it’s time to resolve that one!
C 6_0_3 Score J.jpg

Wel, it’s certainly ugly, but seeing as how functionality isn’t actually impaired at all, I think “major” may be slightly an exaggeration :wink:.
But it is indeed time it were fixed :slight_smile:

Needs fixing maybe but it’s been that way for a long time. I too, don’t think it’s major and rather think it better it was removed until the Score is announced as a fully developed function and given it’s own midi status.
As such at the moment it just follows the midi input elsewhere and is not a two way street in that respect although some simple correctional input can be done.

But the manual chapter heading does say in large letters “Score LAYOUT & PRINTING.”
Not Score and playback. Might give some a clue as to it’s limitations.