Major time saver and workflow enhancer: More parameters adjustable from Project window.

In most other pro DAWs you can easily and immediately adjust parameters such as volume and pan (at the most basic level) and inserts, sends, inputs and outputs, right on the track headers in the Project window. In Pro Tools it’s done in a very clean and effective way space-wise and is all completely configurable (just like other things are in the Track Controls window in Nuendo now). At this time if you want to adjust the volume or pan of an audio or instrument track In Nuendo, you need to first click on the track then go over to the Inspector, then navigate over to adjust the very tiny parameter faders. On Groups and FX tracks you can at lease adjust the volume (I’m not sure why at least that is not available on audio and instrument tracks!?). Nuendo feels old and slow in this way when you use another DAW.

Once you use this in your work you will see how very significantly faster it makes workflow. There are no extra clicks and navigation needed: You just go directly to the volume, pan, sends and inserts on any track header and adjust (or click on inserts to open the insert). If you do enjoy clicking many times to do simple things like this, you are able configure these things to not be visible on the tracks in the Project window. And the inspector can still be there, because it’s very useful and a great feature in other ways.

The ease of working on Pro Tools, Reaper, and Studio One (and others I’ve seen) when compared to Nuendo concerning this specific matter is significant. I get jealous when I see how the engineers and mixers on PT at the post houses I work with can access so many things immediately and directly from the track header in the project window – and they can also move inserts, copy settings, etc., from track to track without having to go the mixer.

There would be only very significant upsides to this, and no downsides (again: for those who like to click and navigate a lot or prefer a very simplified view of the track headers in the Project window, you would be able to configure it to be the way it is now). And the Inspector would still be there if you wanted to use it.

Less clicking/navigating to do an action is always better – let’s see this in Nuendo.

You do know that you can lock sections of the inspector so they are always visible together?
This helps a bit. Personally I always have the “e” window open so I can adjust this on any selected track at any time. I vastly prefer this to the tiny track based controls in PT but we all like different I suppose.

Locking inspector works for me, but it still needs a little improvement.

Once you open those 16 inserts there is little place for other windows.
It should only show used inserts and sends, just like it is currently possible in Racks disabling Fixed number of slots. Or maybe show a user selectable smaller fixed number of slots.

Yes, I do this. (I changed the original post, my mistake). I hear you – it’s the best that Nuendo can do with this particular thing. But the issue is that it’s extra clicks and navigation to do things that are super fast in a setup like PT and others. Also, you can’t copy/move inserts and sends around to other tracks, etc., with the inspector. In PT you can change the size of the track controls, too. Nuendo is very click/navigation-heavy in some ways, and I would like to see it made more efficient that way.

Again, the Inspector definitely has value and should stay. What I’m saying would only affect the track headers and be totally customizable if you didn’t want certain things, or didn’t want anything. Even the little thing in Nuendo of having a volume control on the Group and FX channels (for some inexplicable reason Nuendo doesn’t offer that on the audio and instrument tracks) is a boon to faster workflow (and you don’t have to try to nab the tiny fader in the inspector – in PT a min-fader pops up, which is even better).

Agreed. But I would say again: The option to have many of these things (totally customizable) directly in the track headers like PT and other DAWs would vastly improve workflow speed for many people, and of course we would still have the Inspector because it does some good things. Nuendo is very click and navigation heavy in certain ways, and it needs improvement there.

I still like Inspector, but have to admit that those Inserts/Sends etc. in Pro Tools are very handy and save trips to mix window frequently.
They work even in smallest track view, and on multiple tracks. I wouldn’t mind something like that in Nuendo.