major timing issues in Pro 8

Since a few days, my Cubase has been very ‘laggy’: when i hit play on the transport, playback would sometimes only start 5 seconds later. This is strange, given that i am using a rather fast i7 machine with loads of RAM.

Today, i started a new project. I programmed some kicklayers and hats in Cubase, it was sounding allright. Then i turn on my Cirklon to trigger some hats from my modular and this appears completely out of sync with the sounds i have going on in Cubase. What is funny, is that it is not the Cirklon and the modular that are out of sync. It seems that the sounds being triggered in Cubase are about 1/16 ahead of the click.

How on earth is that possible? Plugin Delay Compensation issue? I checked the slider in the inspector to see if there are any timing offsets there: none. I have no idea what is causing this. I recently updated Cubase Pro 8 to 8.0.40 . I will try to figure out if it is indeed PDC related by turning off the plugins that i have running and report back…

i figured it out, it was delay compensation related.