Make 2 group tracks share the same input


Im on Cubase 13 pro and Pro Tools (latest)

I often output tracks to aux´s (called groups in cubase).

Often in Pro Tools I duplicate a Aux/Group track, either to try different settings or plugins.

I then like to compare the 2 tracks or maybe even have the both open, or maybe switch between them in the song.

This cannot be done in cubase.

Cubase will not share the input for group track.

To do this I have to route/send every channel in the group to the new group.

This is the only reason im staying in Pro Tools.

Am I missing something? Can it be Done? or is this coming to Cubsse?

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Welcome @Saqib_Hassan !

You can use Direct Outputs, together with summing mode, so that you can output tracks to multiple destinations simultaneously.

+1 i would also do this with direct routing.

Thanks for your reply
Unfortunatly tjat is not What i am looking for.
I need 1 output to go into several Group/aux.
In Example i. Final stages of a Mix i want to duplicate my Vocal Group and do something to that Group.
If i have 50 Vocal Tracks i dont want to go through all og the to add additional output. Way to much work.
Hope u understand.

Let me see if I understand. You have 50 vocal tracks. Those are output… where? All to the same Group?

If so, you then want to create some more Groups, like the original one, but with different effects and settings, listen to each one of them and see which works best. Right?

In that case, how many Groups like these do you need? If it’s up to 8, Direct Routing will work just fine. Above that number, you will have to think of something different.

But for the routing itself, it’s not hard to accomplish with any number of tracks. Select the tracks, activate Q-Link, set your desired output path. 3 or so clicks, for any number of initial tracks.

Maybe Cubase 13 offers some new trick with the new track inputs, but unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to run it yet. I’ll have a look in an hour or so.

Yes thats right and that is the method I have been using. I think it should be easier like in pro tools or logic.

Just make group tracks input selectable and not fixed.