make a monophonic plugin poly playable


I wanna ask if somebody now how to get a monophonic VSTi (with many instances) polyphonic playable, with one Midi-Track? (voice managment plugin?)

To play a monophic Synth poly
to make a Pitch-Corrector Chor
with one Midi-Track…

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Just a thought.

Use the logical editor to change each notes midi channel and set the track to any.

Or use dissolve part and split into notes, one part per note number. (but that’ll produce more than one midi track?)

thank you!

Logical Editor sounds good… can you explain how to do? (i never used the logical editor)

The point is i want to play live, and don’t care about anything, also it has to send some events to make the whole track “shut up” in the Pitch-Corrector-Chor-Case for example, if just one note is hold…

OK, Cubase should take every note on another channel, and then? (filter out channels with transformer?)
i just can use 5 VSTi with one MIDI-Track (1main + 4 sends…)
or go out of Cubase take 16 monophonic synths use the same LoopBack Input.
and place something that just bypass a defind note (only every 16th for example).

Or do i think wrong?

I don’t get it. Most of the synths can be switched between
mono- and polyphonic behaviour. And you should be able to
rebuilt the sound (as most of the synths on the market work substractive
it should be quite easy) and then use Massive, Halion, Retrologue and so on
in polyphonic mode.

Why such a complicated work-around??

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For example you want to use: SugarBytes - Cyclop, polyphonic.

Or record a mono-vocal, duplicate it “5” times insert a pitch-corrector in every one.
and now want play all 5, with one Midi-Track, (and if i press just one note, the others has to become muted)

Cubase x64 Win7

So Midi-Track, (logical Editor?) split live notes on 16 differnt Channels.
Midi-Track-Out= loopBack

16x Cyclop on instrument track, with Midi-Filtering. OK
I just need to understand the LogicalEdotor or use a “Note2Channel” plugin…?

So now it gets difficult:
After “note off” the unsed channels have to be muted, because Pitch-Correcter just bypass, when no note is pressed…

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About the Pitch Correct thing.
You can use the Midi Sends for that reason.
Don’t put an effect on 'em, just route the signals
(they act as Midi thrus when you don’t put an effect on 'em).

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But without note the “original Signal” will be played back…

and how the PitchCorrector should know wich note?
(also i think we have to turn a “note on” to a “note off”…, and learn it on GR…)

I think today will be the LogicalEditor Day^^

Peace :astonished:

Well, you could set up different keyzones with
Midi effects.

no no i dont wanna insert 128 plugins :slight_smile:

and the mute prolem is also not sloved,

but first i have find a plugin that could bypass evry 5th note,
and then turn “note off” into on and vers visa and send to a GR…

but you are right, now can see it clearly, i can’t do it without leavin cubase…

Thank You, but a x64 VST for “Voice Managment” would be quiet nice^^

You always do the freakiest stuff ^^

von nix kommt nix :smiling_imp: ^^
Außerdem find ich poly spielen gar nicht so freekig^^
When it’s done it will be funny to save/export/import to another .cpr…

So i found a Transformer preset wich should delate each 5th note…

but it seems to work one time and then it generally stops bypassing the Notes…

So i think we need:
Synth1 > transformer: note pass
2nd note delate
3ed note delate…

Synth2> transformer: note delate
2nd note pass
3ed note delate…

Synth3 > transformer: note delate
2nd note delate
3ed note pass…

can somebody explain how to do this in the transformer?

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Problem 1 sloved, with 3rd Party SW.

Now i use Plugue - Bidule, with some: “Note Filter (Dynamics)”…
and some LoopMidi Ports.
I tryed it on some instrument tracks and seams to work well…

Now next Step:
Build a Chor
with a monophnic track
and some Pitch-Correctors…

read ya tomorrow. :smiley:

polyphonic PitchCorrector Chor

You need a programm that spreads one (poly) Midi-input to multiple Midi Outputs:
i use Bidule for this:

Because you want waste Physical Ports and wires for this, you can use virtual Midi-Loop-Back-Ports:
there you can send from one Program in another:
For Win: loopMidi loopMIDI | Tobias Erichsen
Mac: i think allready integrated
and create min: as many Ports as voices (+1 if you want to play from a Cubase Midi-Track Out…)

Now it gets easy:
create so many Channels with a Pitch-Correctors+Midi-Gates as voices you want
create for every voice a MidiChannel
now set the inputs of the MidiChannels to youre virtual Midi-Ports (where a Programm spread the notes/Bidule)
set the outputs to the PitchCorrectors+Midi-Gates
and it does no harm if you route Audio on the Pitch Correctors :slight_smile::

Best Regards

Where can I listen to the result? :slight_smile:

in vienna currently… :smiley: