Make a ruler that measures the duration of a piece. In minutes and seconds

make a ruler that measures the duration of a piece of music in the project (if the piece is not the only one in the project).
The piece may not be from the first bar.
This is important when there is a dialogue with the customer and changes are made:
I have 12 pieces of one big piece of music in my project. It is convenient for me to write several pieces in one project with one set of instruments.
The customer writes: in the 3rd number of the musical, at time 3.52 the drum must be is louder.
I now need a ruler, which can be seen on the third piece of music, and use it to find 3.52.
I need to know not only the duration of the part, but also within this part I need to navigate in time.
What is needed is not the duration of the cycle marker, but the ruler.

It might not be a full match to your needs but…

You can create a Cycle marker. Its start position is the reference start position. Then you use the length value to get you where you need. Obviously the time format has to be set to minutes and seconds.

Alternatively you could use a minute&seconds ruler. Then go to Project Setup and enter the appropriate offset. It might take the same amount of time that it would take to have a dedicated ruler for this.

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At the marker cycle, we know the duration, start time, end time, but I need a ruler inside.
So that the beginning of the music was zero.
I know that it is possible to set the offset time.
But if the project has one piece of music, or the project is equal to a song - ok, maybe, but still inconvenient.
And if there are several passages in the project, this is already very inconvenient.
To understand the degree of inconvenience: For example, imagine that we do not have a “solo” button, but there is a “mute” button.
In this case, we can solo the desired track by clicking on the rest, unnecessary tracks, “mute”.
Now you are suggesting me to do this: “Then go to Project Setup and enter the appropriate offset.”
If there was a ruler, it would not be necessary to make a personal offset for each passage in the project.

As I wrote I wasn’t sure whether my response would be helpful in any way. Sorry that I wasted your time with my response. Didn’t mean to do that. Good luck.