Make a shared copy without mouse

Is there any way of pasting a shared copy of a midi part without using the mouse (Shift-Alt dragging)?



Ctrl+C Ctr+V?
Not sure what a shared copy is though.

Why not read up on it, before answering…?

The only way I know to do it for MIDI is to use the Repeat function (default is CTRL+K). It has a pop-up to select number of repeats and if you want shared or not. So, you can do the entire process without touching the mouse.

Audio, has a few more options, like Duplicate which defaults to a shared copy. I would like MIDI duplicate to create a shared copy as well. But, it doesn’t (at least I don’t think it does).

So, you can do the entire process without touching the mouse.

Technically, yes, but after using the mouse at least once to check the shared button. And if you wanted to stop CTRL or CMD(Mac) K from creating shared copies, you’d have to again use the mouse to uncheck shared copies.

Yes, I know…picky picky…point being: I don’t think there is a way to entirely avoid using the mouse, invoking the MIDI shared copy process.

Somehow, I feel Vic France is gonna prove me wrong on this…

Not so fast! :slight_smile: When the dialog pops up, hit the tab key to move to the check box, hit space bar to check, hit enter. NO MOUSE REQUIRED.

hit space bar to check

The space bar!!! Damn…I never knew that could check and uncheck stuff after tabbing. Learn something every day. Thanks, JM. I stand corrected.

Yeah, there’s probably 100 default key accelerators that most people don’t know (me included). I had this chart at one time that showed the standard Win API key structure. It was awesome. Things have changed a lot since then, but many of those accelerators are still going strong. Some have died as new interface paradigms have surfaced and either made them counter productive (F4 to exit) or irrelivent (the old minimize/maximize toggles).