Make added playing techniques italic?

Hello. I am adding some playing techniques that I cannot find anywhere else (I’m sure I’ve missed where they may be) - divisi and div., a2, solo, simile and sim. etc. I would like to make them with italics but cannot find how to do that unless I just type them in text entry. All help and insight appreciated.

What I have done to segregate and identify my custom Playing Techniques and Playback Techniques is to add ". " (dot+space) at the front of the name of the techniques. This sorts them at the top of the list in their own alphabetized list. I don’t know if that’s helpful to you.

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@DaddyO it is. That would be convenient and I may adopt that. Any idea how to make custom playing techniques show up in italics? All suggestions appreciated.

The only workaround I have found is to ‘hijack’ a font style that you don’t use, set it to italic, and apply that to your playing technique. (Engrave>Font Styles… then Engrave>Playing Techniques)

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Unfortunately I don’t. I should mention one other convention I use. All my custom techniques I don’t capitalize. That contrasts well with the initial capitalization of built-in techniques.

@Janus Thanks. I will give that a try.

In Dorico 4, you can now create your own font styles, meaning you could create an italics font style specifically for these playing techniques.


As always @Lillie_Harris you are a light in the darkness. Thanks!

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