Make All Transport Panel Features Available on Top Toolbar

CB9 has made some headway by incorporating an option to allow the Transport Panel options to be assigned to the bottom “lower zone” of the project window. So thank you. It is a good first step toward Cubase Xanadu! :wink:

But… it would make much more sense if you could just allow all of the setup options that are currently available for the Transport Panel to be available in the setup options for the Cubase top toolbar.

For some, like me, the few options I use from the Transport Panel would easily fit in the existing Cubase upper toolbar. Thus saving much needed screen space. But, for those who need to have all the options for the Transport Panel available, the Cubase top toolbar should automatically expand to a double height as necessary to fit the function buttons.

Older post on this same topic:

So, I’ll use this new feature but… it’s another “Close but no cigar” rating from me on this one.

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It feels natural, the Transport and its option being at the bottom,
Probably because that’s where my floating Transport bar used to be before the nested one.


SOLVED: Just discovered the following is possible, so just ignore this post.

I wish the bottom transport bar could be disabled. I have tried everything, even removing all items from it. The result is a big bar of nothing with a setup button. Annoying when I need the screen space for other stuff.

When I need the transport bar, I usally just press F2 and then F2 again to remove it. I have the few transport bar items I need in the top bar.

I understand some will love the lower transport bar, but some of will would not.

Make it an option please.

You can already disable it. Just use the selector in the upper right part of the main window.

And my +1 to this request. To me, that lower transport bar seems highly redundant.

Yes I just discovered it and logged in to write that. Thank you Jorge. Just hope it remembers it. It seems it forgets lots of GUI settings when reopening projects or track settings when changing tracks - but that is reported elsewhere. Thank you.