Make all windows Dockable!


  • hotkey to maximize/unmaximize the selected window

And that the way it should look like ! You nail it. Now you need bigger screen :slight_smile:

Other than having two title bars at the top of the page, that mockup looks great. After using Cubase for over a decade I’ve finally broke down and started demoing other DAWs. I downloaded the cheapest one on my candidate list first, Reaper, and it has great docking functionality from what I can tell so far. It looks much more integrated and professional than the sloppy mess of windows in Cubase.

+1 …

ok then, things are starting to get busy, but thats not the point, its way more organized and having everything there is better than having 3 4 windows all over the place, its a choice and you could split it up in different workspaces, just leave us with a hotkey for maximize/unmaximize on the selected window and i wouldnt mind having everything in 1 window.

+1 for dockable windows

Regards :sunglasses:

Yeah, I was surprised when I wasn’t able to vertically shrink the chord pads any further. I don’t need those giant buttons. I’m not mixing on an iPad.

Besides two bars on top, that is exactly what i need. Congratulations with your mockup.

Can you do one another with mixer (only faders) on bottom of the screen ? I mean no key editor. Just arrange page + mediabey and mini mixer.

Thanks !

Thank you dek88. You are my hero ! :slight_smile:

I like mixer’s channels narrow. But no problem.

Now. How ask Steinberg to do window menagment like your mockup’s ?

i dont know man, it took them 14 years to dock the vst panel/media bay, maybe in 8 years time.

the mixer channels gets expanded (wide) when there is room left, if i added 2 more channels they would get narrow.

i pray for key editor docking cause i flip workspace for mixer.

In this days I’m testing wavelab le 8 and everything is kind of dockable in there…

Or at least have everything in the transport bar available in the top of the Project window like Pre and Post Roll.

Well, new Cakewalk Skylight has everything that I dreaming for Cubase Pro. Docking, undocking, moving, closing, etc: transport, edit windows, mixer, browser, etc:

I don’t like it claustrophobic view. Otherwise on larger (4k ?) monitor it may be very good workflow.

That GUI looks pretty awesome :astonished: :open_mouth:

I don’t like how it’s looks. Cubase looks better IMO. But I like Skylight docking and flexibility.

I completely agree with everything said in this statement, I almost posted the same comment a couple days ago.

+1 - Yes I also agree Cubase design/look is far nicer but Skylight window handling (docking, floating and the collapse and expanding is outstanding, definitely the way Cubase should handle windows in my opinion.

But we are talking about docking don’t lookin

I bought the upgrade to 8 (and i’m glad I did because of the performance alone) assuming (stupidly) that I would be able to dock all of my plugin windows like Kontakt , Guitar Rig etc.

I understand that would be almost impossible given that every plugin has it’s own size, but maybe one day hey?