Make App Windows Truly Independent (Z-Index)

I would like the two main windows… MixConsole and Project… to be considered independent applications in terms of Windows management.

Use Case: I work with a number of 3rd party sampler apps, eg. VSL and Hauptwerk that are -not- VSTis. So the moment you click on their windows, all Cubase windows go to the back. And vice versa, when you click on -any- Cubase window, VSL (for example) goes to the back. MADDENING!

This was understandable when all child windows lived inside an app frame, but now that MixConsole and Project live semi-independently, I should be able to click on either of those windows WITHOUT changing the z-index of other applications (like VSL, Hauptwerk, etc.) IOW: clicking on -one- Cubase window should not instantly bring ALL Cubase windows to the front (z-index).

Forget docking and all that, this is THE BIGGEE in terms of window management. A good model to follow is Microsoft Office, where each document is pretty much an independent entity in terms of windowing.


I think they will surely fix that, it really messes the operating system.

Now it’s like Cubase is an agressive app trying hard to be on top :slight_smile:

…I really wonder, if Steinberg has Kontakt to test Cubase with.

If they saw how the dialogues went out of sight, they couldn’t have released it as it is.

What drives me nuts is that all these little child windows (VST Performance, etc.) already appear as independent apps in the taskbar… but NOT the ones that you -really- NEED to behave independently (Project, MixConsole). Maddening.