Make Apperence of Transport Pop-up Optional

I’m just getting started on 9.5 (from 8.0). I kept seeing this annoying little window appear, and finally (I think) tied it to my use of a key shortcut to go to L locator, something I do rather a lot.

Does anybody actually use this pop-up? I for one do not and would certainly like to have an option to make it never appear. If I want access to the parameters it contains, the F2 gets me the transport without further ado.

OK, I don’t know what’s really going on here. I found info on the transport pop-up in the manual - at least now I know what it is and how to allegedly get rid of it (escape key). But I could not get the unwanted pop-up to appear in trying to recreate the behavior. Maybe this isn’t as annoying as I originally thought. Not knowing what I did to make the pop-up appear in the first place, it’s hard to say.