Make arrangement follow chords?

In my project I have a lead sheet (melody + chord symbols) on top of a string section. Every bar the music changes chords.
On the first bar of the string section I wrote a rhythmic pattern for the string section.
Is there a way to copy and paste this pattern and make it follow the chord changes automatically ,instead of having to manually change the notes the string section is playing every measure?

So, you mean that when there’s a B minor chord (for Eg), the strings play a particular rhythmic pattern with a particular voicing, and every time there is a Bm you want them playing this pattern? And each chord has its own rhythmic pattern/voicing to be played?

I’m pretty sure “No” is the answer, sorry.

You can duplicate a measure to another bar with another harmony, select it and chose Write > transform > pitch > remap to scale. (Or similar).
You can also use the jump bar or the Shift-i popover to use this function .

Then set start and destination scales accordingly et voila.