Make auto save more intelligent

I have some really big projects that can take a long time to auto save (up to 10 seconds for some). Is there a way to implement it to make it more transparent or shorter?

I haven’t done a project in Pro Tools as large but auto save always seemed completely transparent to me where Nuendo would still have some delay in a comparably sized project.


Same problems in Pro Tools with large projects, I’m afraid. What’s worse in PT, is that it is so keen to save that if I’m opening a menu whilst it is saving, the whole thing crashes.

I think the answer is being able to choose what is saved and what is not. For example, if one is using lots of virtual instruments, there is no need to save every parameter every time, if one is using automation. If there wa a choice, I’m sure save times could be reduced.


I have experienced Pro Tools crashing during auto save too. It isn’t as stable as Nuendo and is not my preferred software but It does feel like auto save is slower in Nuendo to me.