Make Chord Track appear in midi input list

The current way you can hear the Chord Track is both limited and problematic. Right now you can either set it to play on any monitored track(s), or direct its output to a specific track. If you set it to a specific track you are limited to one and only one track. The only way to hear multiple instruments playing the Chord Track is to set it to play on monitored tracks. However this causes a problem when you open a midi part to edit because monitoring gets turned on for it and you start hearing the Chord Track playing on an instrument you likely don’t want it to. It’s also a problem if you monitor a track so you can hear what what you are playing on a keyboard - you get the Chord Track too, even if you don’t want it. :unamused:

This could all be easily avoided if instead of telling the Chord Track where to send its data (like now), it just appeared as another midi input for tracks to select from. That way you could have as many tracks as you like play the Chord Track and you could turn on track monitoring without it playing stuff you don’t want to hear. Also it seems this would be more aligned with how Cubase deals with midi for everything else.


Almost a +1 from me…
When you choose to have a specific track as monitor, they are all available in the dropdown list anyways… but you can only checkmark a single one of them. All we need is to be able to make multiple selections.

OK Vic, that makes sense & would work. But is there any advantage of your approach over making it appear as a MIDI source that I’m not seeing? In general I tend to favor new capabilities which behave similar to existing capabilities. And since all the other ways of getting MIDI to a track use MIDI Inputs…

That said I really don’t care how the developers solve the issue - as long as their implementation:

  1. Allows the Chord Track to be played by multiple Instrument/MIDI Tracks.
  2. Doesn’t cause the Chord Track to be played via a track I don’t want playing it (as happens with using monitoring)

The first thing that springs to mind is, what happens to the Chord Track’s Voicings assignments? (Yes, that would amount to the current option of having just one specific track as monitor, but you’d still need the “Use Monitored Tracks” anyways :wink: )
Also, that the track in question would continue to be input from its “regular” source also, rather than being disconnected so that the Chord track could take its place :wink:
That said… I haven’t really given it a lot of thought… just my initial reaction :wink:.

Good point. Hopefully once the developers realize the current method doesn’t cut it they will fully think through how to best do it.

Your check mark solution does prompt another thought. In the MIDI input drop-down list allowing multiple inputs to be checked could be useful, acting as a MIDI merge. The “All MIDI Inputs” option does this for every input. But it would be nice to choose on an input by input basis.

Don’t even get me started on that… I’d love that! :slight_smile:
I would settle for several instances of what they currently refer to as the “All MIDI Inputs” section of the Setup dialog, labelled “Merge #1”, “Merge #2” etc.

So the bottom line is Steinberg should rethink & revamp the entire scheme for how MIDI data gets routed in Cubase.

OMG :laughing:

I did say “Don’t get me started!” :wink: