Make Control Room pre-fader listen (PFL) post insert

Pre fader listen isn’t actually pre fader (post inserts)! It’s before all inserts and before the channel pre-section (gain, LC, HC in the rack).

Usage example:
I want to use the listen feature of control room (which is basically a solo that can be switched between pre- and post fader, amongst other things) in pre fader mode in order to check my channel signal with everything but the fader position taken into account.

Also see this discussion:

Same applies to pre-fader metering. I would like that to be (at least optionally) post inserts, right before the fader.

You could perhaps try using a pre-fader send for this.
Changing the PFL to be post insert would upset a lot of people’s Workflows.

…or there could be an option to chose between pre-inserts and post-inserts as listen mode.

Just because i’m curious: Why would people prefer the current behaviour? If you want to listen pre inserts, you could also simply bypass the inserts.